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                               Gene Hamilton Massage & Wellness     Eugene M. Hamilton LMT known to friends and longtime clients as Gene, started his journey as a Massage Therapist at the age of 19.  After his freshman year at Hofstra University,  he met a family friend on the Board of Directors of the Swedish Institute of  Massage and Allied Health Sciences, who inspired him to pursue a career as a Massage Therapist.  After his first trimester at the Swedish Institute,  he received his apprenticeship papers and began working at Gurneys Inn and Spa in Montauk, N.Y.   While studying at the Swedish Institute,  he learned Swedish Massage,  Shiatsu and Medical Massage as well as learning the rudiments of  Tai Chi.   In 1989 he moved to Los Angeles California where he had an amazingly successful 5 years working at Sports Club LA with Keshava  Massage and  Massage Masters Therapy Center in Sherman Oaks CA.  Gene also worked as a personal trainer in the Pacific Palisades.  Living in Beverly Hills, he built a wide range of private clients from well-known celebrities to professional athletes and people across the spectrum.   He returned back to Long Island in 1994 where he found many of his old clients eagerly awaiting his return.  At this time,  he began to expand into other modalities and venues such as Southampton Hospital Sports Rehab Center, where he had the opportunity to use his medical massage training.  Gene also studied Deep tissue,  Sports Massage,Reflexology, Thai Massage and Hot Stone Massage.  Gene's practice and interest have also led him into the world of healing, working with the Chakras and human energy field using  Reiki and Healing Touch.  He has found that the combination of physical and energetic techniques have become the best formula for aiding his clients on their healing journey.  Gene is now doing Cold Laser Trigger Point Therapy and  EFT (emotional freedom technique) integrating  Mind, Body and Spirit.  "You work with your hands but you heal through your heart."  ~Gene Hamilton  
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